It is the false belief that a person or pet must be physically present for you to be happy that holds you in bondage.  You see them walking towards you and you are given the instant feel-good feeling, and so you believe that this physical sight is necessary to engender these same feelings again.  This is where you err.  All arises in Consciousness, in the one mind of Spirit, which all of you share.  For a while, while you are in a physical body which arises in Spirit’s mind, you believe this is all there is.  Now conjure up the self-same image of that one you love walking towards you.  Is not the pleasant feeling and love the same?  Do you not smile at this image?   Yes, until your very human thoughts pop in and say, “But …”. Stop the buts and conjure up the gratitude for this image.  Stop the buts and conjure up the love that is always here.  Those who have passed are truly here in Presence … Divine Presence, which is what you and they have always been all along.  You are so very loved, for it can be no other way.