From Suzanne: As happens quite often, I heard the opening lines of Sanaya’s message today and couldn’t help but think, “Where is this going?” And as always happens, the words continued and I ended up shaking my head in wonder at this process—the process of attunement and communication with such loving wisdom. Today Sanaya says …

The earth shakes and trembles in the aftermath of an even larger quake. “Aftershocks” you do call these, and while they frighten, they are not as shocking as the initial force, for eyes have been opened to the possibility of “more to come.” You have a shocking experience in your life, and this in your mind creates the idea that more of the same is possible. Until your eyes were opened, you did not see what could manifest. Once opened, Potential expresses itself again and again.

We use an earthquake as an example, but understand that you have a powerful Force inside of you at your disposal. The very Power of Creation rests within your mind. This Power is fueled by love, and since there is nothing more powerful than that which arises from your Creator, do you see how very powerful you are?

Awaken to the power of Love and to your creative potential. Once awakened, go forth and create aftershocks of love within your world. Be a loving, healing force among those who have not yet awakened.