Fear is like a wildfire.  It starts in one place and then spreads rapidly, at times out of control.  It waits in certain spots, gathering oxygen and just the right conditions to spread some more.  Without the fuel, it cannot spread.  Your thoughts are the fuel.  Fear feeds on fear.  It naturally arises from your human instincts of safety and survival, but the human is a funny creature.  Unlike animals who respond only to immediate threats, humans are very good at going to “what if”.  “What if” can be helpful in planning, but it is a fear accelerant, like throwing gasoline on a fire.  Rein in your thoughts and become present.  Is there an immediate danger?  Deal with it after taking a breath.  If the threat is not burning down your door, take more than one breath and assess your thoughts before “hair on fire” becomes your present behavior.  This too shall pass.  May this be your mantra as you find the place of peace within and flow with what the great drama of life presents.  What goes down must come up.  It is the law.  You are so very loved.