tulip-123794_640Why do you allow yourself to be pushed into something you have no desire to do?  Could it be the need to please?  The need to be loved?  You are so very loved in every moment.  If you felt that from the inside out, truly felt it, could you say “no” and respect what is in your heart more often?  What does it matter what others think of you?  Oh, of course we know.  It feels quite good to be liked and to see smiles directed at you.  For a while.  Until you repeatedly go against what the heart says, and then the body will let you know with aches and pains, tiredness and sadness.  Did you ever connect the two?  Your lack of following the heart and what you are feeling physically and emotionally?  You are loved already, for you are at your very essence an aspect of The Beloved.  Follow your heart.