If you were constantly surrounded by the scent of a certain perfume—if you never knew anything but this scent—then you would not be aware of it as separate from the air around you. The same is true of your guides in spirit. You have one, and in many cases two, who are assigned to care for you, to lovingly guide you, to answer your questions and fill in the blanks when your thoughts drift away. They have been assigned to you from the first breath to the last, with a bit of planning beforehand and debriefing and celebration afterwards for the conclusion of a journey. How would you know what they feel like if they are always and have always been with you? Sit quietly and ask them to step out of awareness for a moment to notice the difference. This can be quite enlightening, but why not use this awareness of their presence to enlighten you? You are so very loved … by your guides, the angels, and by Life itself.