Never question why you are here.  Do not take us literally and think that you should not ask the big questions.  Take us figuratively and do not question that there is a reason you exist, a purpose.  You hold within you the light of a thousand suns.  It may not feel so bright to you now or at times when the physical world around you seems dark by comparison but trust us:  you are fueled by this Light.  It is you!  You are the expression of Love, the very result of an outpouring of love so great that you came into being.  Hold that awareness in your conscious mind, for the soul has always known this.  Bring your human awareness and your soul’s very being into alignment and experience your luminosity.  You are divine, little child.  If you are a grown human who does not care to be referred to as a child, think of the innocence and joy of little children and question why you may not feel such joy any longer.  Is it not time to shine?