Note from Suzanne: Excellent advice on the day of a major political debate. Thank you, Sanaya.

telescope-122960_640Once a human sees the dark side of a person it is quite easy to continue seeing those aspects. You form an opinion, and the brain is programmed such that it will seek matching behaviors to continue the story—to confirm what it has decided is truth. As a result of this selective vision, the human will then only see—yes, focus—on the dark side.

With awareness of how humans operate, but also with understanding that there is a greater aspect of the human that knows only love—the soul—can you override the programming? Yes, but it takes this awareness, along with will and choice to operate from the level of the soul.

You can continue to see and point out the negative traits you perceive or not. If you truly can see no good at all in the human story of another, then can you at least not perpetuate the lower vibrations which go out like a virus by continuing to point out that which you find offensive? There is great wisdom in the advice that if you cannot say something positive, then say nothing at all. Be a force for change, of course, but choose wisely how you do so.