Write these words today
Hasten not to play
Surely you can hear our voice
Beyond the many thoughts which intrude upon your brain
The message it is plain

History has been unkind
The battles of mankind
Constant use of force
Takes a toll
Leaves you less than whole

Forget the little kitten and his whiskers soft to pet
These things have you and yet
You do not appreciate these gifts– the simple pleasures of life
Filled with strife you spend your days

Worry not of things like taxes
Guns and axes
Pity you can do no more
To separate the wheat from the chaff
There is no room to laugh
When so much pain and heartache
Do you bring upon your fellow man

If we could give you sage advice
We’d tell you always to be nice
To worry not if there’s enough of this and that
There’ll always be plenty—too much fat
In everything
When matter is your focus

Nothing lasts for long
Your focus is all wrong
Turn towards the light and see
The constant glow, your destiny
There to guide you, light the way
Give you hope, come what may
Find these truths, this we pray

Before it’s too late.