Be very careful with your word choice –
How you say things shapes belief.
The slightest change in verbiage
Can bring on suffering or relief.

It’s all about semantics
And the very subtle changes
That happen with the thinking
When man his wording rearranges.

The word you use to name
That which is your very source
Will change your whole perception
Of the one and only true Life Force.

For those who only call this “God”
Will be quite stilted in their thought –
Thinking It’s a he or she
Because this concept they have bought.

But God is not a person.
God, in truth, just “IS” …
Infinite in scope and breadth –
Impossible to call Its power “His.”

If you find this troublesome,
If to you it seems absurd,
Try some simple changes
But be impeccable with your word.

Roll the words around your tongue.
See how they make you feel.
Try “God,” “Great Spirit,” try “Great Mind” …
Just what does each reveal?

What matters most is that you find
The Truth which all do seek.
Just be aware that Truth can hide
Behind the words you speak.