Life is one adventure after another.  Is that not why you are here?  What good does it do the soul to stay in a room alone?  Yes, you may go within during times of solitude and introspection, times of connecting with higher consciousness, but you have taken on a body for the opportunities this gives you to learn and grow as a soul.  Get out and live!  Interact.  Stretch yourself.  Try new things.  Speak to one you would not normally approach.  Be interested in things outside of yourself.  Watch your own reactions.  Be an observer of life as well as an actor in the drama.  See how flexible you are.  At the end of the day, review what you have experienced and what you have learned.  Smile, and hopefully know that “It is good.”  That is ultimately what one can say about learning:  “It is good,” for no experience is without its lessons and learning.  Indulge.  Interact.  Live fully and on purpose.

You are so very loved.