marilyn-monroe-555603_640You behold a wax figure in a museum and you say, “That looks just like them!  It is amazing!”  That one figure—a moment captured in time—holds memories and history and meaning.  Before your eye flashes a lifetime of what that figure meant to you in your lifetime.  It is not the real person.  It is made of wax.  It is but a symbol that evokes memories.

And what of the body in repose at a wake?  Is it not like the wax figures?  “That is not my loved one!” you cry, and you are right.  For now, it represents a lifetime of memories, but the body is merely a vessel for the spirit, which was no more trapped or contained in the body at the wake than in a figure at a wax museum.  Hear us well:  the physical body is a holy thing indeed—a reflection of the perfection—but it is merely that:  a reflection, yes projection of the consciousness that held its very atoms in place.

The consciousness that created the body lives on.  Rest assured of this fact as you review the memories.  But far from mere memories remain.  Consciousness lives on as love and light.  Your loved ones’ memories are sealed in your mind like a wax seal closing a chapter in your eternal existence, but the true essence of those you love lives on and surrounds you.  It can be no other way, for Love is All That Is.