You get in your car and pull onto a highway.  The road is straight and narrow and there is not much traffic.  You put it into cruise control and let the car do its thing.  Only when you need to take more conscious control do you take it out of cruise and manipulate the pedals.

What if you see the body as the vehicle and the soul is the driver?  As you pay attention to your thoughts, you will come to see how often you are in cruise control, allowing the same old thoughts to take you down the road, reacting in the same ways with predictable outcomes.  If you are tired of the same old same old and ready for a change, take the vehicle out of cruise control and be a conscious driver.  Those thoughts that are aligned with the Designer of the highway will be the ones to guide you Home most effectively.

You are so very loved.  You are guided every moment.  Blessings be upon you.