Note from Suzanne: Yesterday’s message from Sanaya (Sept. 8, 2016) explained that many things we think happen by accident are “set-ups” from Spirit. Sanaya used an example of missing a bus or train, or taking a wrong turn. When it came time for me to choose the photo to accompany the post, they clearly guided me to a photo of a mug of coffee spilled over documents on a desk. “But that doesn’t exactly go with your analogy,” I said, and they gave me the distinct awareness that the spilled coffee had very recently happened to someone who reads Sanaya every day, and that this person needed confirmation that the mishap was deliberate. Sure enough – a woman who comments on Sanaya daily on Facebook remarked how this had very recently happened to her, and that she intuited the message in this mishap from her guides at the time. I immediately confirmed her insight and we both celebrated with great joy how spirit works to confirm (this time with the photo) that they are always with us and that all is in perfect order always. And what was written on the side of the coffee mug in that photo? Well, you have a look! For now, enjoy today’s message:

puppet_fingerFinger puppets. Have you never heard of them? They are like little cloth socks that you put on each of your fingers, and each one represents a different person or creature. Then these little puppets act out stories. They appear separate, but if you look closely, they are controlled by two hands. These hands may appear separate, yet you will see that they are connected by one body controlled by one creative mind. But does the creativity and direction end there? No, it does not.
You can take this higher and higher. If you balk at this idea of being controlled like a puppet, then we ask you: how does your drama unfold when you control the show, and how does it go when you realize that you and all the other little fingers are connected to something far greater? And not simply connected, but PART OF that creative, guiding Source.
Act as you wish. That is the gift of being in this particular play, but when you don’t like the direction things are going, allow an aspect greater than the finger of which you are part to point the way.