As a person raises their vibration, the gifts of the spirit appear.  So many are surprised to suddenly know things without having been told, to see into the future, to see apparitions.  You may call these paranormal powers, but they are perfectly normal for one who has released the normal blockages of the human body’s filters to the energy that is all around you and always has been.  You are multi-dimensional beings.  When you are used to only being human, it comes as a surprise to discover your other layers, but all you have done by raising your vibration is to peel back some of the layers.  How to do this?  Practice presence, silence, and love.  Practice allowing, surrender, and loving kindness.  Believe, intend, know. … all that we have been sharing with you for nigh unto a decade now, and you are seeing the results.  But do not let the ends surpass the means.  It is not about the gifts, this work. It is about the Love and bringing more Light into your world.