people-1031169_640In the past we have advised you to look upon another and see the Source within them.   As you do so, we have advised you to mentally say with delight, “There You are!” as you behold the Beloved, no matter how far the human upon whom you gaze feels to you from what you understand as God.

Today we have a new suggestion.  Today as you gaze upon a multitude of others, deliberately choosing them for their diversity of all aspects—personality, appearance, behavior, and belief systems—instead of thinking, “There You are!” please think, “There I AM.”

At first the human side of you may balk.  This is ego saying, “I am not like those others at all!” and you will be correct.  But we are not asking you to see them as humans nor to see yourself as human, but as I AM, the Beloved.

Try it, why don’t you, and take great notice of the thoughts and feelings that arise.  Each has so much to teach you.