forgive-208824_640“Do no harm.”  May this be your mantra.  “Oh, but I would never hurt another!” you say, but we speak not just of hurting another.  Your anger towards and judgment of another does harm, indeed, but your self-criticism does so as well.  Your thoughts of shame and guilt do far more harm than you realize.  Loving thoughts heal.  Unloving thoughts are like a cancer, and they spread outward.  “But how can I overcome such thoughts?” you ask.  And the mere desire to do so is a most beautiful start.  Now perhaps you will pay attention to your harmful thoughts, and you will begin to examine their roots.  As you do so, see if what you consider truth at a human level is true at a soul level.  Humans make mistakes.  As you uncover your own mistakes, vow not to repeat them, and then cease doing harm to yourself and others.