sunrise-1239727_640“The promise of another day” is a phrase you know.  Why does a new day hold promise?  For each time the sun comes up you view it as a cycle, and the new day represents a fresh start.  If things have not been going as you would like, the rising sun carries with it hope—“a new dawn.”

There are certain predictables in life, and one is that the sun always rises.  It sets as well.  Birth and death are part of life.  Suffering comes when you deny this.  To some a new day is yet another day of pain.  How you see the sunrise is completely up to you.  That is the purpose of the sunrise:  to give you opportunities to see the sun anew repeatedly … to actually see the Light and understand that the world is not flat and rejoice in the learning opportunities.

Arise with the sun.  Get up, wake up, and choose to fully live.