You CAN remain calm.  You CAN not get upset.  Yes, there will almost always be a moment or two of upset when you hear certain news or receive a fright.  This is beautifully programmed into your brain, this fight or flight reaction.  But that is exactly what it is:  a reaction.  Now take action pro-actively, once you recognize this protective measure taking over your thoughts and emotions, and remind yourself, “I am far more than this reactive body.  I am Consciousness, itself, in the form of a soul, having this experience for the learning and the growth.  If I continue to react as did my ancestors in response to this trigger, then where is the growth?”  Pause and align with your higher nature, which is beyond the adrenaline and the thoughts of a lower nature.  Wait for a minute as you breathe.  In that minute, the chemical responses will die down and a higher response will rise up.  Who is in charge here?  The answer is whomever you allow.  You are so very loved.  Do you remember?