Do you remember the days when you wrote thank you cards by hand?  For expediency sake few do this any longer.  We encourage you to write a card today.  You will know the person who needs it most.  Take a moment from your day and write to them by hand.  It will be unsullied by electrical currents.  Your love will flow directly from your heart, through your pen, through the ink and onto the paper.  Imagine as you write that the recipient is receiving your love and encouragement as they hold the card or paper in their hand.  As you seal the envelope, seal in your loving energy.  Imagine the gift they will receive as they open this missive.  First surprise, and then a burst of divine Joy as they not only read your loving words but receive your energy at the same time.  Yes, your emails do the same, but this will be a visceral experience of how very loved they are.  As are you, dear one.  Take the time to note this Truth today and every day.  All are worthy.  All are loved.  It can be no other way.