Death.  It carries such a sense of finality.  The brain finds it hard to process that one you know and loved is no longer in a physical body.  Do not make the mistake, however, of believing that they are no longer around you.  Should you make it your task to come to know that they cannot be anywhere but here, with “here” meaning “in Awareness”, then you shall come to understand the greatest mysteries of life.  The death of one you know will turn out to be a gift as you come to know that the body is a suit that you as an expression of Consciousness/Awareness “carry” around for a while, but that ultimately, that body is far from the real you.  Speak to your loved ones who have passed.  The body may have gone away, but Consciousness, Awareness, has always been right here in your heart, the seat of true Awareness.  It can be no other way. 

You are so very loved.

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