night-television-tv-theme-machinesAgendas.  Be aware that they exist.  Humans have their belief systems, and they cling to them tenaciously.*  Your movie screens are filled with them.  Entertainment can be an insidious way of perpetrating or projecting an agenda, to hold you prisoner for hours and project a specific viewpoint into your conscious awareness.  But are you truly prisoner?  What goes into your mind is a choice.  How do you know if what you are subjecting yourself to is in your best interest?  Check in with your heart, the seat of the soul.

Will you allow yourself to be programmed, or will you take charge of your life and choices?  Put down the book, change the channel, walk out of the theater, throw out the newspaper, and so forth if it is projecting an agenda that the heart tells you is out of alignment with Love and service to the Whole.  “How boring!” you say?  Perhaps, but how is humanity doing so far?  Growth begin in the heart of each soul and progresses to the group consciousness that is far more powerful than you may be aware.

*See Good Vibe Video #18 about Belief Systems