Oh, you have so many labels for others!  “He’s obnoxious!” “She’s ridiculous!” “She’s so beautiful.” “He’s a star.”  This is how you judge and operate on the human stage, but how many of these labels represent ultimate Truth?  None.  There is relative truth, as in good and bad relative to a standard, and there is absolute truth with no opposite.  Who sets the standard in a world of relativity?  This vacillates between each individual and collective groups, and yet you allow yourself to be judged and you do the judging and allow yourself to be affected by these judgments.  If they cause you to strive to be more loving and kind, then all is well.  If, in fact, any suffering from this causes you to grow in loving kindness then all is well yet again.  There is reason in having a relative reality.  Do you see now?  It is all about the learning and the growth, and thanks to the one absolute, which is pure BE-in, and that be-ing is love, for love is lack of separation, then when the ups and downs get to be too much, you can always fall back on the absolute reality that you are so very loved, for at another level you are love, itself.